Valley Natural Foods Total Compensation Philosophy 

Our Mission Is A Healthy Community and our Values are F.R.E.S.H.
F(amily) R(elationships) E(ducation) S(ustainability) H(ealth)

In order to attract and retain employees who are committed to providing excellent internal and external customer service, we proudly offer a competitive benefits package for our employees.

These benefits are designed to reflect our fast-paced, fun and positive work environment where our great co-workers enjoy a casual dress code and work together to achieve company and department goals!

Valley Natural Foods proudly offers to all employees:

Employee Discounts 

A 10% everyday discount for you and those who live in your household that starts on your first day of employment

Paid Time Off

    PTO is an all-inclusive policy used for personal leave, vacation, and illness
    PTO starts accruing the day you are hired
    PTO is typically paid out after 12 months of employment with the co-op when you leave in good standing

    Employee Ownership and Discounts

    A 15% everyday discount for you and those who live in your household if you are an Employee Owner
    You can payroll deduct your ownership for convenience ($25/pay period over 4 pay periods)
    Your ownership is a lifetime membership and is fully refundable
    If the co-op is profitable, you will receive a patronage refund at the end of the year based on your purchases

    401(k) Retirement Plan    

    All employees who are age 21 or older are eligible to participate 1st of the month after 60 days of employment
    Starting at your 1 year anniversary, VNF will match 50% of the first 6% of your contribution
    Employees can defer between 0% and 100% of their gross compensation, up to IRS limits
    VNF follows a 5 year vesting schedule          

    Continuing Education    

    All employees enjoy paid training and orientation classes
    Discounted classes and seminars are available through the co-op

    Flexible Scheduling    

    We acknowledge everyone has different life circumstances and we strive to accommodate the scheduling needs of our employees balanced against the needs of our business.

    Employee Self Service, Direct Deposit and Scheduling    

    Your money is deposited in your bank account on time, every time
    24/7 online access to view and change personal information
    Electronic notifications of posted schedules via email, app, or text

    Supplemental Benefits    

    Policies for Life, Accident, Short Term etc. are available to all employees through Colonial Life

    Valley Natural Foods proudly offers to all Full Time employees:

    Medical and Dental Insurance

    Employees are eligible 1st of the month after 60 days of employment
    Medical plan administered by Health Partners ($2000 deductible single, $4000 deductible family)
    Dental plan administered by Health Partners ($1000 max annual coverage)
    We cover 80% of the employee premium for medical and 50% for dental. Family premiums vary.
    Vision discounts are available through our providers

    Health Savings Account

    Employees are eligible 1st of the month after 60 days of employment, for eligible plans
    If a minimum employee contribution of $25/pay period is satisfied, we will match $25/pay period
    HSA money is pre-tax and always remains with the employee, even upon termination

    Life, Long and Short Term Disability and A.D.D. Insurance

    We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset. We provide company-paid Life, Long and Short Term Disability and A.D.D. insurance to ensure that in the unlikely event you become injured, disabled or are unable to work, you and your family would have some financial relief during that time.